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Paprika  2016

I'm feelin' lost in the crowd, and I don't wanna lose touch.

Like it's about to go down down, well you can never get enough.

Bassnectar - Lost in the Crowd (feat. Fashawn, Zion I)

Their name comes from when one of their gigs was rained off in Italy, and they ended up playing under a portico.

This is when Portico Quartet was still a quartet.

Portico Quartet - Ruins

Glasper’s reinterpretation of Nirvana’s classic.

You’ll find so many things in it, like neo-soul, hip-hop, jazz, gospel, and R&B.

Robert Glasper Experiment - Smells Like Teen Spirit

All my best memories of a short stay in San Francisco.

“Last night it hit me
when I had this crazy dream of waking up in your house, on a san francisco street.”

Sun Rai - San Francisco Street

You think you got it made. It's all monkey see, monkey do, but in the end the joke's on you.

Funny how you feel, like a thing is real, just 'cause it feels good.

Jim White - Buzzards of Love

Another hidden gem I found in Donna Leake’s mix.

Big Sexy Beach Music. New Genre.

Wicked Lester - Chocolate

Mellow but insistent beats, a light garnishing of wildlife noises.

And a soprano sax threading through it like a viper in the Eden undergrowth.

808 state - Pacific State (Origin Mix)

My second last gig at HiddenAgenda in HK.

Waves and sweats and waves.

Arms and Sleepers - Swim Team

You have, now are and always will be my reflection of individuality.

I always knew I’d find you, even before we met.
Even now, where the assignment is to live without a destination, I end up with you and the rain, released.

You still don’t know you’re amazing, for the things you see.

Buddy Wakefield - Flockprinter

This is my theme of the year.

Jazzy groovy psyche afrobeat.

Pepe Sanchez - Nostalgia

Two dots joined by a line.

Might be detached by a crime.

Lusine - Two Dots

Scarecrow, tinman, dorothy, lion is afraid of me.

Escape from reality, where I go you follow me.

Polo & Pan - Dorothy